Friday, 4 January 2013

Thank you offbeat families!

The awesome "offbeat" empire published an article that I wrote. The comments on the article have brought me to tears with their warmth and positivity! Check out the link if you want to read it.

Offbeat - choosing adoption


Anonymous said...

I just read your article and wanted to express my appreciation and gratitude because it deepened my understanding or your journey and how you came to your decision. I value your honesty, integrity and vulnerability. I feel a deeper connection with you and Adam. I also enjoyed the humour. I hope it all goes well for your new family when it happens.
much love.

Denni said...

I found you through the offbeat families site. My husband and I are also Canadians on the adoption journey (we are in Nova Scotia)
I just wanted to say thanks for writing and sharing your story some times it feels like we are the only Canadians every o adopt form foster care.

W Hanna said...

Hi Denni the Canadian! All the best on your journey. I'm glad my writing helps to make this experience a little less lonely!